Educators have a tough task as it is, and families expect you to provide a safe learning environment for their children while they’re off to work. A fresh and independent look could help support and enhance your current school site security plan. In addition, we offer relevant safety and preparedness training for your staff.


Whether it’s a site vulnerability assessment or strategies to develop a security ministry, VTS can help guide you with thoughtful consideration and realistic solutions. We also offer training to help prepare you and your congregation for critical events. As a Faith Leader, you can continue to be an example and equip parishioners and your team to overcome by anticipating the myriad of real and emerging threats now posed to places of worship.


Each business is unique in their culture and mission. However, as an employer, the requirement to provide a “safe working environment” doesn’t change. Competence instills confidence. Take advantage of the unique training offered by VTS to help your staff build the confidence they need to respond to critical incidents. In turn, they could better focus their energy on becoming high quality performers.