With over 20 years of Law Enforcement experience, VTS offers an honest and credible perspective on threat solutions through two primary methods.



Schools were intended for learning.

Places of worship, to gather in peace and businesses to flourish. Unfortunately, these settings are typically built with safety as an afterthought.

Recent history has proven, these institutions have been and will remain prime targets of attack.

Educators, Spiritual leaders and Professionals are often tasked with the collateral duty of performing a “site security” inspection that may be inadequate. They didn’t sign up to be bodyguards but the burden they bear to ensure a safe environment and protect their peers weighs heavy none the less.

These are unprecedented times and new waters are being tread. As threats emerge and evolve this responsibility can be overwhelming. To make it worse, with calls to “defund Police”, local resources are limited to scarce leaving you to figure it all out.

The fact is, you can’t do it alone and there’s strength in unity. That’s where Vanguard Threat Solutions (VTS) has stepped in to bridge the gap because we are safer together.

Site Assessment

The first is by conducting a thorough security and preparedness assessment of your site in order to determine the current vulnerabilities. This assessment is not a cookie cutter template that barely checks the box. It’s tailored to the unique location, needs and mission of each client.

A comprehensive report is provided along with effective solution options for the client to consider based on their specific discretion and budget.


The second method is through safety and emergency preparedness training that’s relevant to the organization’s individual culture and mission; with the end goal of empowering its staff to better equip them with the competence and confidence they’ll need to overcome a critical event.

  • Situational awareness & Workplace violence
  • Armed intruder & Active shooter response
  • Medical trauma readiness
  • Practical emergency preparedness
  • Crisis communications & Emergency services integration