Vanguard Threat Solutions (VTS) draws its expertise in mission planning, preparedness, tactics and investigations from decades of firsthand application as a SWAT Operator and Detective in the area of high-risk violent offenders, property and financial crimes, arson and explosives, juvenile crimes and family protection.

Situational Awareness & Workplace violence

Every school/daycare, place of worship and business vary in its people and processes. You must understand what “normal” looks like on a daily basis before you can identify what is abnormal or suspicious. Once this is achieved, proactive steps can be taken to mitigate possible threats or identify the appropriate resource for follow up support (i.e., mental health services).

This class aims to simplify that process so every stakeholder regardless of their role can apply the principles with confidence. The topics covered include proper mindset, pre-threat indicators, the role of social media, documentation and reporting procedures and practical application.

With this new understanding, we’re confident participants will find value in proactive safety and emergency preparedness how it relates to their individual roles.

*We highly recommend this training be taken as a pre-requisite or in combination with other classes.

Armed Intruder & Active Shooter Response

Since 2001, active shooter incidents have doubled about every 6 years currently totaling about 30 every year. While that may be a low count in comparison to the number of schools, places of worship and businesses nationwide, it’s clear these tragedies are trending upward. The more concerning statistic which isn’t widely known, are the number of mass attacks which have been prevented through solid Police work or diligent reporting by citizens.

We understand you and your staff didn’t sign up to be bodyguards. We start with a review of your current process to identify potential gaps and address common pitfalls. Then building off the standard “run, hide, fight” concept that’s broadly accepted, we will cover topics to include threat context, tactical considerations, and basic de-escalation techniques.

The need for a practical response that can be effectively applied is paramount. So, this class is intentionally developed to avoid the shock and awe approach. Instead, it’s goal is to empower your stakeholders to act decisively with confidence; for the greatest chance at preserving life and to prevail over an attack.

This training is focused on developing competence amongst your staff so they could call upon these life saving skills when it matters. In addition, the lessons learned will demonstrate the importance of having adequate security to help avoid or prevent a violent encounter to begin with. This point alone may factor greatly into potential liability as seen in recent lawsuits alleging negligence by employers.

If you’re looking for practical skills that can be sustained by your stakeholders, then allow Vanguard Threat Solutions to help develop or enhance your current action plan for increased effectiveness.

Medical Trauma Readiness

Across the board this is the most under-trained area by most citizens. We’re lucky to have emergency medical services readily available… or so you think. The sobering truth is our EMT’s, and Paramedics are understaffed and often have delayed response times.

Basic first aid skills are a good foundation but limited in usefulness. Even an onsite Nurse simply isn’t enough when dealing with mass casualties. In the event of an Active Shooter incident or severe injury, each of your stakeholders need to be properly trained and equipped to act when seconds matter and help is not available.

Training topics covered include massive bleeding injuries, casualty carry methods, specialized equipment considerations and practical application.

It’s important your staff have a plan of action to effectively deal with a trauma emergency. Failure to proactively prepare and equip your staff may result in future allegations of negligence. This training will be tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each client.

*This is not a First Aid/CPR certification class

Practical Emergency Preparedness

The critical role of emergency preparedness has been emphasized with recent events from natural disasters to mass casualty incidents. This concept may be new for some clients who previously didn’t realize or understand the need for this contingency.

Students, Parents, Parishioners and your staff have trusted you with their safety. Have you considered how to sustain these stakeholders in the event of an extended mandated quarantine? Or a natural disaster that overwhelms first responders and shuts down roadways? It sounds farfetched, but nobody predicted we’d all be walking around in masks and the entire country was effectively “shut down” for over a year.

Vanguard Threat Solutions can assess the unique needs of your organization and assist you with developing adequate preparations for a myriad of threats. If you’re ahead of the game, we could evaluate your current preparations to identify gaps or enhance the plan.

This assessment intends to focus on balancing budget with effectiveness in order to develop a long-term strategy that can be sustained. Other topics covered include threat context, fundamental concepts, product options and storage considerations.

Crisis Communications & Emergency Services Integration

From the initial alert to the final report, one of the greatest challenges during a crisis is effective communication. Whether its amongst staff, to first responders or the public this is a critical skill for leadership to have confidence with.

Vanguard Threat Solutions can assess your current methods of communication for its practicality and effectiveness. Understanding content, timing and brevity are important factors. We can help you develop a strategy so team leaders can perform with confidence despite the chaos.

In addition, we will discuss how to efficiently integrate with first responders during a crisis in order to provide valuable intelligence that could save time and lives when seconds matter. Other topics covered will be safety considerations, common pitfalls and critical incident aftermath.

*We highly recommend this training be taken as a follow up to Armed Intruder and Active Shooter response