Why should I pay for a security assessment if we already have a comprehensive site security plan?2021-09-29T22:23:54+00:00

Most site security plans have huge gaps because they are developed using incomplete or inadequate information. VTS draws from decades of firsthand experience witnessing what really works and doesn’t, along with rare professional insight to provide a fresh, unbiased evaluation of your vulnerabilities. In a nutshell, you must ask the right questions before you can get the right answers. That’s what a security assessment helps provide.

Why should I choose Vanguard Threat Solutions (VTS) over competitors?2021-09-29T22:25:44+00:00

Accessibility: VTS is a locally owned business focused on serving clients in the regional San Diego County area. This means we’re easily accessible and each client will get our full attention. We’re not distracted with national or global aspirations. We are committed to serving and empowering our neighbors right here in San Diego County, California.

Equality: Professional security consulting shouldn’t be reserved just for wealthy clients or high-end corporations. VTS believes these types of services along with relevant training should be available and affordable to all law-abiding citizens wanting to safeguard their school, place of worship or small business.

Current professional experience: VTS has over 20 years of current, real world law enforcement experience dealing with the crimes and threats relevant to the California/West Coast region. The services, training and professional insight provided to VTS clients derives from firsthand application versus theory-based speculation, or irrelevant and outdated strategies.

Comprehensive: Several consultants advertise they adopt a holistic approach to security. While each consultant naturally emphasizes their specialty area, they all fail to address emergency preparedness. It’s our belief that a truly comprehensive plan will consider the myriad of threats posed by natural or man-made disasters and not just active shooters or workplace violence.

We can just call local Police in an emergency, why do we need VTS?2021-09-29T22:27:11+00:00

As the Administrator, Faith Leader or Business Manager the responsibility to provide a safe environment for your stakeholders’ rest on your shoulders.

While Police are critical to the safety and security of our citizens, unfortunately they’ve assumed more of a re-active role with demands to defund Police amid already dangerously low staffing levels.

By the time an emergency happens, it may be too late. Once the dust settles, everyone will look somewhere to place blame and the multitude of lawsuits will begin stacking up. As your organization’s leader, you may be questioned or critiqued on what proactive steps you took to protect your stakeholders. While there’s no magic potion or secret recipe to prevent a tragedy, you can place yourself on better footing to mitigate liability and prevent harm to your people and property. VTS services and training can help you enhance your current safety plan with that goal in mind.

Is it really worth paying for a security assessment?2021-09-29T22:28:09+00:00

As the Administrator, Faith Leader or Business Manager the responsibility to provide a safe environment for your stakeholders’ rest on your shoulders.

Consider the cost of your insurance deductible, workers comp premium, a lawsuit or the guilt you may carry if one of your stakeholders were injured or killed. There is no secret recipe to guarantee safety from a tragedy or crime from being committed but you can take reasonable steps to mitigate potential loss or damages.

A VTS security assessment will be tailored to the unique needs, mission and culture of your organization. It will be based on relevant threats and probabilities according to factors such as your locale, current crime trends and recent events.

I’m already limited on time. How will I schedule a VTS training?2021-09-29T22:32:15+00:00

We understand our clients’ time is valuable and limited. The beauty of VTS training is that it can be customized to the needs of your organization and tailored accordingly to accommodate your schedule. These details can be discussed during a private consultation to determine your specific training needs.

Where do you provide training?2021-09-29T22:33:04+00:00

Regionally speaking, we provide training in greater San Diego County, California.

In terms of physical location, VTS will typically provide training on site of the client’s school, place of worship or small business. In some cases, VTS may offer training at an offsite location.

Do you provide services or training outside of San Diego County, California?2021-09-29T22:33:55+00:00

For now, our focus and commitment are to clients throughout greater San Diego County, so we do not currently provide services or training outside of this area.

The likelihood of an armed intruder or critical incident is extremely low. What value do I get out of VTS?2021-09-29T22:30:21+00:00

Since 2001, active shooter incidents have doubled about every 6 years currently totaling about 30 every year. While that may be a low count in comparison to the number of schools, places of worship and businesses nationwide, it’s clear these tragedies are trending upward.

Not included in these statistics, are the significant amount of active shooter incidents that have been prevented through diligent and heads up law enforcement investigations. In addition, there are increasing numbers in “persons of interest” who’ve demonstrated concerning behaviors with a potential for carrying out a mass casualty incident but go undetected until its too late.

So, the more appropriate question should be… Are you willing to gamble with the lives of your stakeholders? You can’t control someone else’s decision to commit a mass casualty incident, but you can control how to properly prepare for one. If an incident never occurs, the least you’ve done is provide confidence in your stakeholders allowing them to learn, worship or perform better with peace of mind.

Why should I use VTS training when there’s online courses available?2021-09-29T22:31:28+00:00

With technology innovations and reliance on internet-based training there’s a wide selection of online courses available. These are convenient and can be valuable. However, they’re no substitute for in person instruction.

By choosing VTS, you will receive a training solution that’s truly customized to the needs and mission of your organization, not a rehearsed or generic lesson.

Additionally, you won’t be bound by the limitations of online training. Your stakeholders will have proper interpretation of their questions along with instant feedback ensuring they grasp the instruction goals you desired.

If we were honest, we all know online training often means the student pressing play while they occupy themselves with another task or catch up on their social media. As a leader, you can avoid those pitfalls by opting for in person training which fosters group discussion, positive interaction and a broader buy-in from the attendees.

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